Buy my book

If you pick this up off the shelf… you can buy it. Yes, you can. You can buy my book at many outlets and downloadable-downloady-sites. Here is one: Malice in Blunderland
A funny tale with transvestites, murder… even uni-porns. Why not sample the first two chapters of Malice at the link here:

Then buy it… I mean you can see the reviews, people like it. Honestly, if you’ve got this far, why wouldn’t you buy it? Do you want to me the only one at a party or while out dogging to say ‘Oh, I’ve not read Malice in Blunderland.’
Because then, a guy you are dogging with will go;
‘Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa – hey, everyone, this person hasn’t read Malice in Blunderland!’
And then they will all laugh. You will feel awful. Don’t risk it. Don’t you want to laugh? Well go on then – buy my book and have a good old laugh. Treat yourself, your worth it. In fact, take a couple of days off work and read it. Tell em I said it’s okay.  Read it and go “Ha ha ha ha ha h ha… ohhh ha ha ha ha!” Then go tell your friends how funny it is.
So they say “Sounds fantastic!”
And you say, “Oh, it was…. it was… sheeeesh. It was, ohhhh so funny.”
And they will say, “You will have to lend it to me.”
So that you can say “No! get your own copy of Malice in Blunderland! You are not my Dad, you can’t hurt me now. Fuck you, get your own copy of Malice in Blunderland that is available in must good shops or on line for a very reasonable price. Fuck you (at this point I suggest you make a fist and bang it against the heart area of your chest, to drive home your passion. Maybe cry a little too) Get your own copy of this beautiful, beautiful and funny book!”



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