So, yeah… I’ve a new book out…

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Publishing


970257_391201964317281_914675970_nSo, being the worst promoter ever of my own work, I’ve not once mentioned my new book ‘Remember to Forget’ on my blog, and, well that is an epic fail!
My new book is a compact little novella, that rather than featuring the whole drudge of a family and its life, it highlights a small slice, a life changing event. ‘Remember to Forget’ is hoped to show another side of me as a writer, because while Malice in Blunderland received lots of love, there are still those who didn’t get the style of writing and think, well think I am clinically retarded! So my new Novella I hope not only entertains but lets some know I just like any other writer can write in a style.

The little story revolves around Richard who due to a life spent of excess, pursuing women and using alcohol and cocaine has found himself in a coma. He can hear everything in his days of blackness and here is where he discovers his family, that he thought his wealth compensated for love. His wife and adult children are waiting impatiently for him to die, and only now can he see the ruin his selfishness has caused. Just as all is lost a voice tells him he can hear his thoughts and offers to help, and together they embark on a plan to deceive his family into finding each other and finding lost love. However, the journey is a painful one for our protagonist as he is made to witness the size of the damage he has caused. However, things are not quite as Richard thinks, as Richard too has been deceived. Nothing is as it seems.

As most of you who read my blog know I an epic in how crap I am at asking for stuff and promoting my work, well I am seeking reviews to kick off the whole review/amazon business bit of this author stuff. So if you want a digital copy, please do ask.

For a peek inside, got to the amazon link below and there you can have a sample read:

Thanks and check out my new booky!
*Yes… there is another rude comedy to follow soon*



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