What is the point?

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Publishing

Okay, well sorry, this is another political one. Can anyone tell me what is the fucking point of a cabinet reshuffle? I have waited for the magic after the cabinet reshuffle to happen. For us to wake up with money under our pillow and the banks to go “Oh, hang on, we’ve found the money we lost – was down the back of the sofa!”

Seriously though, why do they have a reshuffle? Is it when they have a meeting and go ‘FUCK – it’s still fucking shit out there guys, I think they know were are fucking them in the ass!” The economy, in a double dip recession. Oh, and not wanting to take sides, cos I will most likely hate who ever dick-neck shit lickers are in, because the faces change and the bullshit stays the same. But, when Cameron blames the state of the economy on the previous government, I would just to remind him that Save The Children, the worldwide charity, that usually sends funds to the Sudan, for the first time in it’s long history, is raising money to feed Britain’s children. 1 in 7 children go without a hot meal, one in ten adults survive on one meal a day or go without food to feed their children. All since he has been at the helm of the good ship Britain.

If a company was about to go bankrupt, you’d think they would get some experts in. Work out what was going wrong. You wouldn’t expect them all to just swap jobs and hope it fixes shit. Can you imagine it? Imagine if the owner of a big company said:
“FUCK, we are going bust… one more month like this and we are done! But, I have a plan. Barbara from reception is going to do my job, so that I can do the cleaning. Ian from payroll is going to do maintenance, so that so that Bob from maintenance can be our managing director. The cleaner, Pavos can do distribution, cos he got smuggled into the country, he must know shit. So that old Martha from distribution can do the finance.”
If you were a shareholder of that company, you would think he id fucking mental and run up and punch him right in his stupid face. Because that’s what we are, shareholders in company Britain. Honestly, the reshuffle is like taking my collection of porn DVD’s and moving them from the middle drawer to the top and expecting them to suddenly not be violently hardcore gaping ass porn. Like shitting on a shit to hide that it’s a shit.

All joking aside, it worries me. We are going backwards. If I had a pound for every time David Cameron said he was going to sort the countries problems out, I’d be rich enough to live under his government. You know that game ‘Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon’? Well it’s a bit like that, except it is more ‘One degree of David Cameron’ there are less Liberal Democrats. Now, I hate those spineless motherfuckers too, but I thought that a government made up from the ‘party of bad ideas’ and the ‘party of no ideas’ might just cancel each other out. And reason might be the result.

Just look at the reshuffle:
Jeremy Hunt – new Health Secretary. Jeremy is vocally anti NHS and called for it to be dismantled in 2009. He is anti abortion, pro-homeopathy and a slimy little cunt. There is not enough space to say why, just Google Leveson and Murdoch etc etc) So in charge of health is a profiteering liar with no interest in health and that women should have less rights. Apparently Harold Shipman wasn’t available because he is still dead.

Maria Miller –  new culture secretary. ‘Yay’ women might think, a woman in the cabinet. Well don’t ‘Yay’ just yet. Maria is a typical Tory. The now minister for women and equality, couldn’t be a worse choice for ‘equality’, voting against gay adoption. She is against gay rights and it would seem in favour of  homophobia, racial hatred and prejudice being “freedom of speech” Expect her to side with what ever David says. Apparently, no ‘Coo clux clan’ members wanted the job.

Owen Patterson – New environmental secretary. So, let me get this right, the guy they chose to be charge of the environment and it’s issues, is a well known climate change sceptic and doesn’t believe in global warming? I say that again – doesn’t believe in global warming. Not that he thinks it isn’t as bad as they say. Just doesn’t believe in it. Honestly, what the fuck? Probably doesn’t believe in gravity either. He has campaigned against renewable energy in favour of shale oil.

People say ‘Why do you let it bother you?’ Because we are going backwards. It is fucking mental. It is as if they want a rapid return to Dickensian autocracy. Isn’t that going a bit far you might ask? No. There are fewer women in the cabinet, nobody from any roots within the working classes, and for the first time in over 15 years, there is not one non-white cabinet minister. Why does this bother me? Because The conservatives are the party that not only said, but used as a slogan that was used in posters and print “If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour. No, I am not making that up. Google it. This wasn’t back in the early 1800’s or the beginning of the 1900’s. This was 1967. The children of those racist fuckers are the Tories of today. Pushing though policies like the Universal Credit, that has sent women back to the dark ages. In a household, payment goes to one account – the man’s. So if the wife if this guy is in one of the many abusive relationships, she has no financial independence or means to escape. Nice. It bothers me because it scares the fuck out of me.


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