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Posted: July 20, 2012 in Publishing

So, our government and security for the Olympics. They have positioned Surface to air missiles atop buildings in London. Should the terrorists have formed a secret air force without anyone knowing, or, they think the film Independence Day was real. Maybe it is just me, but in the London 7/7 bombings and subsequent terror attacks… they used back packs and cars! What they need is a strong and large security force. Security in numbers. Who did they ask. G4S. The same G4S that won the bid for the privatization of prison security – then kept letting prisoners escape. Who won the bid for the privatization of detention centers, and employed violent racists, resulting in abuse, bullying and even death of one inmate. G4S got asked to run a prison in Birmingham, and then lost they keys. LOST THE FUCKING KEYS, like a teenager does with house keys!! So had to keep all inmates locked up for days until all locks were replaced costing us, the tax payer, £250,000. The same G4S who won the tender to do the tagging of offenders, and regularly tag the wrong person. They tag the motherfuckers and take the money for doing it, then fail to monitor them, so they can continue to commit burglary and sexual assaults. And my favorite… put a tag on a false leg! Fuck me, you couldn’t make this shit up. You can’t tell me some government ministers are not shareholders in G4S. Surely there has to be a reason they keep winning the bids? G4S ‘Good 4 Shit.’

So now, our government have entrusted the biggest sporting event in the world to G4S too. A company with a legacy of failures… is providing the security to the Olympic games. ‘HELLO is anybody home?’ This has to me some ministers company. It has to be. Jeez, they aint even lubing before they stick it in your ass. Blatant fuck-you-over-ness. Oh, and not such a total surprise, they have failed.  How do we know this? Theresa May, our home secretary, said it, right there on TV. So it was picked up by the press, and now on every paper and TV channel. If I was David Cameroon I’d have run right up and punched her in the side of the head, and said “Haaa, haaa, just kidding. To all the foreign visitors and politicians, athletes and UK residents, she was joking, there is no security risk.” The Home Secretary, the person in charge of keeping shit like that a  fucking secret, just says it on TV? Motherfucker. I don’t want to know that shit. Keep that to yourself, keep me in the fucking dark. While your at it, maybe not show the world England is bunch of bumbling idiots? If there wasn’t an impending terrorist attack, there fucking will be now. It’s like a terrorists version of a sale at IKEA! As I write this, it is eight days till the Olympic games, and G4S are still trying to find staff… in a recession, with unemployed folks lining the streets. How can you NOT find staff. But with eight days to go? How stringent and thorough a security check can that be?
“Do you consider the west the infidel and wish a holy war of death upon us?”
“Yea… I mean NO!”
“GREAT, grab a hat and a jacket”
We have had to call up 3,500 troops. Lets be clear on this, Troops we tax payers pay for, are being used to cover the security guards, that are not there, that we paid for, and still G4S is getting paid. Even a cunt like me can see that doesn’t add up! I wonder now if the fucking government see’s its cut backs to the defense budget as stupid now. These soldiers are being called back from Iraq and Afghanistan, as we simply do not have any troops left, such are the cutbacks. Brave men & women returning from conflict zones are having to stand outside the Olympic park and check fucking bags, rather then see their families, that they have been missing for six months. Oh, the funnies don’t end there. Turns out the security that has turned up, many can’t speak English, or have criminal records. So an additional 1,200 troops have been put on stand-by. So far, many of the security officers provided by G4S haven’t bothered to show up for work. So the police have had to cover, costing us, a further £3,000 per officer used. A total cluster fuck. Yet, we are still going to pay G4S… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? G4S Will still get their £57 million fee. Not to mention the £920 million of contracts that the Home Office currently holds with G4S, a figure that doesn’t include all policing contracts or the Olympics. All the while, intensive care baby units depend on charities to stay open. The old are having to sell their homes to provide their own care, troops live in squalor then get made redundant due to money saving cut backs, and charity provided free food banks are springing up in every town and city because people can’t afford to eat.

David Cameron said Jimmy Carr was immoral? Which one is the fucking comedian?

  1. Doh! says:

    September 11 was the one when two bloody big PLANES crashed into the twin towers. Hence SAM missiles…

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