Binge drinking, budgets and politics…

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Publishing

Okay, is it just me, or does this minimum price per unit for alcohol rhetoric our government is shitting on about, the health of the yoof and binge drinking… does it not seem like a smokescreen to you? A diversion tactic to draw our attention away from the fact that the budget has fucked us in the ass again? This minimum price, 40p per unit, they say, is to stop binge drinking. If it is too expensive, you won’t be able to afford to drink… at £1.20 a can? The fuckers don’t get it in the government, because they are millionaires, people are using debt to bay for booze, to numb the pain. Our chancellor Osborne, with his £130,000+ a year salary, paid by us, his £44m trust fund and the cash the fucker gets from his association with businesses or from renting out his Notting Hill home, has no fucking idea how hard it can be to run a family on fuck all. Stinks of a stealth tax to me. VAT at 20% – a 75p can of larger nets the government 15p, but with the minimum they get almost double that in tax revenue. It has though, taken the heat off a budget where George Osborne says “we’re all in this together.” Yet taxing the worst off and helping the super wealthy. That fuck must have been laughing as he himself is avoiding paying tax. He pays accountants to help him find loopholes which Channel 4 reckons will help him dodge £1.6million. These ‘legal tax dodges’ cost the rest of us billions, and yet he wants to tax the old and the poor? The budget doesn’t make any sense. If you are going to fuck me in the ass, say it… it’s not like I have a choice. But don’t think for a second that were are all that fucking stupid that we can’t see you – fucking me in the ass. Cost of £40k tax cut to 14,000 millionaires = £560m. Cost of the granny tax to 4.5 million grannies = £3b. The cold hard facts are that these 14,000 millionaires will benefit from a £40k tax cut funded by the poorest and pensioners. People who fought knee deep in mud, fighting with rifles and bayonets to defend the liberty and freedom of the people fucking them over again. I used to say, ‘The Rich go to war – but it is the poor who die.’ But it seems the ones that don’t die have to fund the rich too!
Who are these millionaires?… well 23 of the 29 in the cabinet are! Here’s just 23 of the 14,000 millionaires to benefit from a £40k tax cut funded by the
I will pay less tax though due to the budget. The average guy, the average earner will be £4 better off. Wooo hoo, four muther fucking, cunting pounds – thank you! Maybe that will go to subsidising the extra I have to pay on booze. What the fuck am I supposed to do with £4? Put my kids in a box, send them over to Sudan and give the £4 to Oxfam to feed them rice so at least they are qaranteed a meal? Now there is also talk of privatising the roads. Genius. To reassure us, the government has PROMISED to only have tolls on NEW roads. Where? Where the fuck are these new roads going to go? Are they going to murder more of the country side and force people to move for a new road, or let the existing roads fall into ruin, rebuild it and call it new? But the government have PROMISED us, and they never break their promises. Unlike the promise to protect the NHS, even though they have just forced through a bill to fuck it over and privatise it. Unlike he promise not cut frontline services. Unlike the promise of 3,000 more police officers, instead we have redundancies. Unlike the Promise to keep the future jobs fund. Unlike the promise to keep the education maintenance allowance. Unlike the promise to scrap tuition fees. Unlike the promise to stop bankers bonuses. Unlike the promise to stop A&E and maternity closures. Unlike the promise to keeping the Child Trust Fund. “You can read my lips. That is a promise from my heart.” Prime minister David Cameron said, promising to look after the elderly, frail, poor and needy and protect pensioners’ benefits. And now he has taxed them harder.

They don’t seem to get that you can’t just sell off shit and think it will solve the problem. That’s treating the symptom – not the cause. You can’t just lay off people and expect more output from a reduced workforce. The analogy I gave my son, and I think it’s a good one. Imagine your great, great grandfather saved and bought some land. He then dug the earth with his bear hands to lay pipes for water, sewerage and laid foundations. He laid electric cables and bought a generator for power. Then, brick my brick he build a beautiful mansion. It was a spectacle. Other members of the family moved in, shared the costs and so bought beautiful things, such as art and silver. They, together landscaped the gardens, and all was good. So beautiful was the house, people paid a small fee to come and walk in the gardens and look at the art.
Then the next generation took over, The house was a bit tatty. Visitor numbers dropped and work needed to be done. But instead of putting their hands in their pockets and paying for it, paying for what they got for free, no, these lot were greedy. They sold the silver and they sold the paintings. They made some fast money, spent a little on the house, but kept most of it. But now there was nothing to see and people stopped coming. They needed more money. So then they sold the Gardens, the water systems and the generator to private companies. The other people who lived there were offered shares in the companies. Oh yeah, they were given the choice to buy what they already owned! So, what once only needed to make enough to improve and maintain it’s existence, now has to make a profit. Greedy shareholders and directors want to make cash. So the cost to use these things rocketed. People got in debt to pay for them, couldn’t afford them and so moved out. So when the next generation moved in… us, there is nothing to see so there are no visitors, so no income. You can’t afford the water, the electricity or to walk to your house.You are fucked!

When this government uses the same old ‘The problem we inherited form the previous government’ bullshit, is because the previous government inherited worse. The Tories privatised the Electric, the gas, the water, the railways, the telecom systems. My water bill alone is £543! Once upon a time, these things never needed to make a profit. Only enough to sustain and improve, so when times got tough, we’d be warm and comfortable. Because as a tax payer and a member of the public, that is a basic right isn’t it? Now they want to privatise the roads and the NHS! Oh it’s easy to criticize I was told. What would you have done? was one thing put to me as a question. Well, lets forget the £850 billion spent to bail out banks, even though redundancies are still happening amass, we’ve fucked that money. Lets look at quantative easing. If a business wasn’t doing well, and the boss decided to print money – he would be in prison. But the Bank of England did it. We have printed £325 billion new pounds to ease the problem. Did you get any? No? Me neither. Where did it go? To the banks, the ones who took our £850 billion. Have they loaned it out – no. Has it kick-started the economy… no.
What I would have done, there is  27,000,000 households in Britain. I could have given each household £10,000 each and still had a surplus. Now, Imagine then that each house had a gift of £10,000 but the deal was they had to spend all of it within 6 months. Doesn’t matter what they spend it on except it has to happen in the UK. Cars, holidays, clothes, home improvements, towards keeping an employee what ever. You can’t tell me £325 billion being used in shops, upping demand, getting manufacturing going, spending it of food while on days out, buying a t-shirt while on a day trip etc, wouldn’t kick start the economy? Also, if I were to be elected. I would ensure that to be an MP, you need to do an internship, just like doctors do. This internship would be to have their own private bank account frozen and for them to work for a year, doing 12 hour shifts in a factory, on minimum wage. So they have to see first hand how hard it is to support a family. That a holiday is about as real as Narnia, driving with the fuel light on and going without meals so your kids can have school clothes. There would be no second homes either. There would be accommodation blocks, where you live during the week, just like you expect the military to live in. So no more cleaning of moats, instead they can live in damp conditions that would be condemned if used for private tenants, just like our military have too.

The guy in charge of closing loopholes exploited by millionaires avoiding tax, is a millionaire, using these same loopholes to avoid paying tax! Better still, we pay him, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! And they wonder why the riots happened, why occupy happened. Billions used to bail out the rich, given the green light by the rich. How fucking dare they ask for the poor, the old and the needy pay for their mistakes.


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