Gay hate crimes?

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Publishing

Hate crimes, especially hate crimes against gays have risen. What the fuck is that about? We are in the 21st century for fuck sake. Hating someone for their sexuality is about a stupid as hating your shadow because it’s black. The rise in homophobic crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland went up 14%. Campaigners say the figures are just the “tip of the iceberg” as research suggests three out of four people are still too afraid to report these crimes. Thank fuck Ihjaz Ali, Kabir Ahmed and Razwan Javed were found guilty at Derby Crown Court and jailed for of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. What are these fucks afraid of? I wish I was gay. I have quite a few gay friends and they all have loads of money. I have yet to see a poor gay person. I am convinced there is a secret gay tax break and they don’t have to pay tax. Thinking about it, if you are gay and go out with someone your size, you have effectively doubled your wardrobe for free.
Aracnaphobia means you are petrified of spiders. Cynophobia means you are petrified of dogs. So by that distinction does homophobia mean your are petrified of gay people? There are things about gay people I don’t understand. They fought for the right to marry and for the right to be in the army… two things I’d never want to do! Being a hero is all good and all that, but nobody got shot watching amateur porn and eating ice cream. But, how can you just hate on someone for sexual orientation? These three Muslims, under the basis of sin, suggested the death penalty for being gay. This is the best thing these shit stains can do with their time? When Saudi Arabia are beheading women for bullshit like ‘witchcraft’, in Iran a woman was hung to death for ALLEGED adultery, people are being killed in Syria, people are fighting for democracy and freedom of speech all over the world and these cunts deem it worthy to hate guys who love the cock? If you said, kill that woman, or suck cock… I’m eating penis.
So this cleric said, “Well I don’t agree with it, but as long as they do it behind closed doors, as long as I don’t have to see it!” Where? Where are gay people fucking in the street? I have never heard people going “Oh it was horrible, I was trying to go shopping and those gays were fucking each other all over the town – cocks and vaginas everywhere you look!” What the hell are these people afraid of? Does the gay community have a militant faction? All dressed in black like ninja’s but for a few bedazzled jems, low v-neck fitted top and balaclava. Do they sneak into middle class area’s, and just when the nice family, the nice upstanding, God fearing family are setting down for supper. Do they kick down the front door, tie up the family and start fucking eachother in the ass? Turning poor little Johnny gay and rearranging their wardrobe?
“Johny – don’t watch them having sex – IT will turn you gay! It’s like a vampire bite… LIKE A VAMPIRE BITE!”

Does the Gay community do this? No. They do not. Fucking idiots. This whole “As long as I don’t get to see it” bullshit.

Lets be honest, of all the gay people I know, they look a fuck lot better than the heterosexual people I know. It’s long overdue we changed the stereotype from that dated ‘nancy-boy’ bullshit to make the homophobic more comfortable. Gay people pound the gym, they look fantastic, like Bodybuilders. I went to a gay club with a friend, it was like I was in the film ‘The 300’, they were all huge and tanned and manicured. You could tell the only straight guy as he was the non-tanned, out of shape chinless fuck at the bar with a look of utter inferiority… ME! We need to change it, next time I see some one bench press a big amount at the gym I’m gonna say “Whoa, that’s a lot, your like real strong – GAY person strong.” Or if someone has a son and looks like he is going to be a big strong lad I will say “Wow look at him, look at those shoulders, he’s like a gay person.” As long as I don’t see it? Most of the heterosexual people I know look fucking awful, they look like the cast of Jeremy Kyle. If I had to have people fucking in the streets it would be gay people, at least they’d be toned and tanned. Unlike my straight, out of shape  friends who would resemble walruses chaotically mashing against each other like a fucked up wildlife show. I wouldn’t want to see my neighbour mow his lawn with is top off, let alone nail his fat wife. And while we are at it, gay includes lesbians. People tell me the DVD’s I have, they are not real lesbians, but you can’t ruin my dream. If hot lesbians want to go have sex in the street, well that’s good. I’m all for that. This religious bullshit has to stop. Can’t these people see the irony in it. The Pope sells you heaven. When you die you go to a better place… so why does he get driven about in a bulletproof car then? If it’s that great a place to go? And it’s his time, why not travel in a convertible? Like that Abu Qatada prick. Who called for jihad against the west, or ‘crusaders’ as he called us. You will get 72 virgins in heaven and all that shit. 72 virgins? Are you fucking kidding me? The only virgins I know are children. The only adult virgin I know is Susan Boyle… there is a reason she is a virgin. Voice of an angel – face of a badger. Well how come, he has chosen to stay with those same ‘crusaders’ because he would be put to death if returned to his homeland of Jordan? It’s all bullshit. Anyone who hates a gay person for being gay is a cunt – FACT!

  1. Jimbo says:

    Once again broseph you are bang on the sprocket. I reckon you should be Pope. Pontiac GTO convertible for the ride?

    Aborigines up Northern Territory fuck in the streets. They aint gay and by fuckolah it aint pretty to watch.

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