2012 again… Olympics

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Publishing

Right now, in Weymouth, they are building a wall. Like many things, it’s making me angry. I will get back to this in a minute. Chatting with some people, a serious chat on the literary industry, where I have strong views but know fuck all, I was asked ‘Oh, but the Olympics, you have to be excited about that right?’  WRONG. What kind of idiot releases a debut book, the year of the  Olympics. Even if it was a huge success, or that good a read it added a couple of inches to your penis, nobody’d remember. Nobody would remember 2012 for the book that made thick meaty cocks – they will remember the Olympics. But that is not why the Olympics really boils my piss. I hate the Olympics, okay I said it. It is elitist bullshit.

It’s not the sport aspect, but don’t go telling me it’s grass routes sport and all that shit. Yeah, boxing maybe. Some track and field. It has been proven that the elite sports are damaging grass route sports. It’s the multi-millionaires like Sebastian Coe, telling us what is affordable. Only £50. Only? Well penis neck, the average family of four, you know the ones struggling with debt, going to food banks because they can’t afford to feed themselves and their kids, on their knees because of unemployment, £50 is a lot. Add up, Dad, Mum and the two kids tickets, and you have a nice fat £200, the cost of a weekend away. How exactly is that cheap. These cunts think they can fool us? yeah £50 to watch some sport you’ve never heard of, like maybe watching a guy from Ghana race a goat with a chicken under his arm. The sports you want to watch, like the hundred meter sprint, £700 a ticket baby. But, hey, it’s not fucking elitist. Who the fuck can afford £700 tickets, but for the very rich? ‘You can watch it free on the television’ No, you can’t, the BBC is pay per view just like all the rest with it’s license fee. Where you pay to watch shows that were filmed in the 90’s.

People say, well it’s good for the economy, it will create jobs. Will it? Long term jobs, or a couple of weeks jobs, selling hot dogs or t-shirts? It is forecast to create seven thousand jobs. Long term or not, seven thousand. At a cost of nine billion? Are you fucking kidding me. You could give 90,000 people £100,000 each with that money! I’m a useless fuck, but even I could create more than 7,000 jobs with £9,000,000000. On the news, every day I hear of  high street retail chains closing, factories closing, spewing workforces into unemployment. Many businesses site lack of investment – there you go government, I’m a retard and drunk right now and even I can work that shit out. And don’t go on about the people who worked on the construction, those jobs. BECAUSE WE FUCKING PAID THEM! Us, the tax payer. So, the wall in Weymouth. They are building a wall along the cliffs, with tax payers money. It is to stop the same very people who paid for it, from watching the sailing for free. Using tax payers money, to stop the taxpayers from watching an event that they paid for. Even I couldn’t think of something that stupid. A spokesman has said it’s for safety. Why is it so high then fucker? Is Weymouth full of motorcycle display teams that might ride past and being three people high, one might topple over?
It’s good for the economy though. That is what they say. I tell you what would be good for the fucking economy, you take that £9 Billion, and you could pay 45,000 unemployed people £20,000 to go back to work. You give those who got laid off, those who did uni but couldn’t get work because companies cant afford it due to lack of investment, those who need help a salary for a year, and then see what happens. 45,000 people not a burden to the state, making things, putting fuel in their cars, buying stuff. Affording to go out with heir families at weekends… spending money, so the wheels of the economy start to move.

Sebastian Coe is a multi millionaire, bought and paid for by the big American clothes firms, with his own chains of sports clubs. Let these fuckers pay for it. All our playing fields have been sold off. They are either privately owned, where you have to spend a fortune for a years subscription, often to one of Sebastian fucking Coe’s health clubs, that most families cant afford, or there is a retail park where playing fields used to be. Same for swimming pools. Gone. Where the fuck is the grass routes? Don’t fucking tell me it isn’t elitist. It amazes me when people complain about skaters and BMX riders in the town – what the fuck else are they to do? I’m exhausted from suffering this shit. And they wonder why people rioted. It makes me want to kick in a window. £17,000,000000 for an improved rail link for London to Birmingham? to save half a hour? Get the fuck up earlier you mother fuckers. Factories and shops are closing the length and breadth of the country. Like the sale of Northern Rock, that we paid for, to Virgin… at a loss. Like the Sale of the Millennium dome, that we paid for, to a private consortium. Like the £10,000,000 in tax that Goldman Sachs doesn’t have to pay, or how most of our high-street banks that we bailed out, now bank overseas to avoid paying tax. Yet, I know of one family who’s home will not be adapted to make their disabled daughter’s life easier because the council can’t afford it. It’s all bullshit.

I Do have a good idea what to do for our exhibition sport. We could erect a massive cage, ten feet of the ground that spectators stand in. Then a team of bankers and a team from the government shake the fuck out of the cage. They shake it so hard loose change and wallets fall from the spectators pockets. While the bankers and Government ministers run about with buckets trying to catch it. Then they run and empty into a big transparent bucket so you can see how much they have stolen. The team with the most wins!

No, I’m not excited about the Olympics.

  1. Jimbo says:

    Motorcycle display teams in the yachting? Fuck I’d pay $700 to see that.

  2. Kevin curran says:

    Come on people OCCUPY THE $$GAMES$$

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