Humble time…

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Publishing

I was just about to write another stupid post. Before I did I noticed another review.  A fantastic review, from a real nice dude called Tom Clementson serving in Afghanistan with the US forces. He said he couldn’t sleep, he had to finish the book as it was so funny.
Right on the back of that I’ve been messaged by a guy called Spike who is serving with 42 Commando, also in Afghanistan. He’s missing his wife and is yet to meet his second daughter. Missing his friends and his home. Exhausted from long days waiting around, followed by day backed on to day, and through the night of heavy fighting. Spike read Malice in Blunderland and laughed his ass off. It was, as he said ‘A kind of holiday’. Others in 42 wondered what he was laughing at. Then Malice became a reading club. The decision makers that send our boys out into danger are now called ‘The Fuckuss of Cunti’, lifted right out of the book. Young guys are told to ask for a ‘Webly Fosbery’ for field combat by way of a piss take and terms like ‘cuntastrophy’ are now part of the vocabulary.

I know Malice will never be taken seriously. I know it will never be held in high regard by the establishment or win any literary prizes. I know I am a far from wonderful writer, my work is as flawed as I am. But if it can suspend reality for a couple of days, and bring a laugh to those who need one, than it has done all I ever hoped it would. I love the thought of spirits being lifted in such circumstances. I’d never have the balls to do what these Hero’s do. I love the thought that these guys have been entertained, laughed and have adopted bits. I couldn’t give a fuck about anything else. I am truly humbled that a guy, in one of the most frightening places on earth, who’s life is genuinely at risk. Who wants to be home, be with his family, with those close to him. Who has a monster of a job. With all his fear bullshit that goes with it, choose my book to be the medication needed to keep on keeping on. In my darkest times I used books to escape. I never dreamed that my stupid ramblings could ever do the same.

I am overwhelmed by the reviews and support, and the momentum that’s growing for the book. I’m blown away that what made me want to write, a guy laughing on a train has actually happened with my book. It feels weird. That my dumbness made a guy  late for work as he had to get off the train from laughing so much. I’m just a little blown away by it all. If it all ends today, and never gets read again, I will be more than happy it made some folks laugh.


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