I love big balls…

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Publishing

So the book is out in ebook form. Much to my utter disbelief, the reviews are good. I thought a lot of people, sorry, I mean a lot more people would be offended. However the boys at Cutting Edge Press are having to field a lot of raised eyebrows and “He said what?” questions. MY book is even being referred to as ‘the most controversial book of 2012’ however, at our meetings, my Publisher have green lighted me to go even further, more offensive and test the boundaries.

That’s why I love big balls. The folks at Cutting Edge have big balls. Big, juicy balls. Never once was it ever discussed to water down some of the content. Considering it has necrophilia, disabled sex, rape, fisting, masturbation, drugs, sexual sadism, snuff movies and bieber, that is pretty brave. So far, all I have got  from Cutting Edge Press is “If you think it’s funny, and believe in it, go for it”
The spelling and grammar concept, now people are reading the book, not simply an excerpt, it is making sense. That said, we are not completely free of criticism. Some are finding it offensive and that’s okay. At the reading at the ‘Surf Pit’ one chap laughed so much he actually vomited, one woman walked out. Division then.
The criticism is absolutely valid. People have a right to not like the spelling. They have a right to be offended. But I also have the right of free speech and to write about whatever the fuck I want. I am a believer in that you can make a joke out of anything. I respect that some people think I’m a terrible person not only for the content but how it’s presented. I’ve had shit about the structure of literature, the grammar, the spelling, how my apparent, deliberate misuse is dumbing down, yadda yadda.  To which I said ‘eat my shit.’ I don’t care. Also, that I’m a cynical and twisted individual who sees the world as a glass half empty. No, I see it half full, but it’s half full of piss. My point being when they say “He crossed the line” they are drawing the line – not me.

All we are trying to do is make people laugh. As you might tell, I’m no deep thinker. I’m not trying to change the world. There are enough people out there trying to do that. To write a seminal piece. I just want folk to laugh at shit the shouldn’t. There are no lessons to be learnt from my work, no “AH_HA” moments. I’m not running the country so what does it matter what I say. I just want people to find fisting funny.
One funny criticism was that nobody could be that much of a fuck up? Clearly, they are not aware of what an utter wanker I am. I do get told to ‘Don’t fuck up this time’ by Cutting Edge Press. So last time out I didn’t offend anyone at the meeting. I did however try and repair my surfboard in the hotel room, in doing so, spilled resin on the carpet, that set like glass, and glued my shoe to the curtains. This was discovered at reception as I tried to leave with said curtains. Cutting Edge got the bill. The irony is, it isn’t what I write that is the problem!


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