Publishing… being an author… and all that shit

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Publishing

Okay. So this is a blog about my journey through the bullshit that is getting a book published. There is so many sites and forums and blogs and all that, about what to do, how to do it, when, how. How to get an agent, to get a publisher. So far, every agent I’ve encountered has been a total cock. A bit like being with a hooker in that after you go “I paid for that?” So, I found a  brave publisher, and boom I’m on my way. It’s noteworthy to point out, Cutting Edge Press said yes straight away. Thank God there are publishers who still want to take a risk and produce brave stuff. Not just safe, conservative, chick-lit. Or comfortable celebrity bullshit.

I did like everyone else – sent my manuscript off to loads of agents. I had “It is not the sort of thing we look after” and “Good luck, but we only handle more conservative works” and so, soo many other no’s. As soon as it was known I had a deal, folk were laughing there asses off and talk of film rights, these same agents were beating down my door. Clearly they hadn’t read the manuscript, or remembered only weeks ago I had contacted them and they said no. Well, you can all eat my shit.

Do you need an agent? So far, I’d say no. But will let you know. I had three offers from Publishing houses, one big USA house, a big UK house and a small, independent bunch in London that I just liked. Josh and the boys at Cutting Edge Press. Why? Cos it felt more intimate, more fun with a lot more integrity. I say integrity as it seems a commodity in short supply. One agent from a big firm said “Join me I can show you how to kill that shitty contract, we can screw them over and get a bigger and better deal now you have a deal in place.”   What does that say about him? I sent him a hand written letter with a large fuck off in crayon. It was recorded, so I knew he’d got it.

So, this is my blog – will keep you all posted if there is no surf and I’m not too pissed.


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